3D Secure

What is 3D Secure?

This added security measure is available on most Visa, American Express and MasterCard credit cards and is also referred to as Verified by Visa, Amex Safekey and MasterCard SecureCode.  These credit cards and cardholders can be protected against unauthorised and fraudulent card use when shopping and making payments online. Registration is an easy once off process, and it is estimated that  approximately 87 % of cardholders are already enrolled in 3D Secure.

The three domains referred to in “3D” Secure consist of the cardholder to issuer domain, the merchant to acquiring bank domain and the interbank domain.

Very simply, the system authenticates the cardholder before any transaction can take place, by diverting the cardholder to the browser of the bank that issued the card. The bank then requests a password or one time password or pin, from the cardholder, which is typically sent to their mobile phones or available from their secure code generator.  This will prove that the person undertaking the online transaction is the authenticated cardholder and therefore entitled to use the card.

Why use 3D Secure?

Over an above offering your guests peace of mind, establishments drastically reduce the risk of chargebacks on transactions that have been authenticated by 3D Secure.  The authentication of e-commerce transactions via 3D Secure will reduce instances where card numbers have been compromised and then used by fraudsters.

What to do when processing guest payments:

  • Ensure that the cardholder is present

  • Ensure that the cardholder has the card they wish to pay with present.

  • Ensure that the cardholder has their mobile phone or secure code generator present to receive the 3D Secure pin.

  • After entering the 3D Secure pin or password, the system may take a couple of seconds to authenticate this. This is normal – do not close the browser.

If an error message is received, be sure to read the message on the screen. The 3D Secure pin may have been entered incorrectly in which case you will be allowed to retry. Although minimal, there may also be other reasons why the transaction failed, in which case we recommend that you follow the instructions on the screen or contact your bank for further assistance.