Channel Rates

Setting up Channel Rates

Channel Rates are set up when the rates displayed on the Booksure listing sites and on OTA channels such as, differ from the Real-time Base Rates.  Real-time base rates must be set up before channel rates, as the channel rates will be inherited from the base rates until these are updated individually.

Step 1

Log into your Booksure Dashboard and go to Pricing  >  Real-time Rates.  

Click on the Channel Rates & Restrictions button that appears alongside to the room type that you would like to edit.

The next screen shows the base rates for the particular room type at the top, and the different rate plans per room type are displayed below that.  The offset (percentage / amount) that was indicated when setting up Real-time Rate Plan, is pulled in and the channel rates are adjusted accordingly.  (Offset indicates the percentage or amount with which the rates will differ from the base rates for a particular rate plan and are updated on Settings > Rooms > Real-time Rate Plans.)  Channel rates are updated automatically from the offset and need only be re-entered if the rates are different from the base rates including the offset. 

Click on the Channel dropdown to select a channel to update.  “Website” refers to the Booksure Free Template website, Booksure widgets and Booksure listing sites.

Once the appropriate channel has been selected, click on the Bulk Update for Date Range button to update rates for the specific channel and date range. 

A popup will open as below. 

Indicate the Rate Plan to which the rates should apply, e.g. if a room has two rate plans, one with breakfast and one without, there will be different rates.  In this instance we want to update the channel rate “” for Rate Plan “Twin Studio 2” on Twin Studio 2.  We want to update the rates for May to June 2014 to R1200 for a single guest and R1 200 per unit.  We also want a minimum stay of two nights to apply.  Tick the checkbox next to the applicable rate plan.

Indicate the dates for which the rates are being set up and choose which days it will apply to as some establishments might have different rates over weekends, in which case separate rates will be set up.  We want to update all days to the same price, so we click Select All so that all the days are ticked.

Update the Singe and Unit rates by ticking the applicable tick box.  Enter the price in the text boxes that appear.  Only unit and single rates are accepted by

Update Minimum Stay restriction for the channel and room type by ticking the box and then entering the relevant value in the text box that opens.   Detailed explanations of the different restrictions may be found by hovering your mouse cursor over the Help icon.  Click the Save button once you have verified that all information has been entered correctly. 

Step 2

Alternatively the rates and restrictions for single days or short periods may be updated by typing in the relevant blocks.  Be aware that only restrictions that were set up on the rate plan will appear on this screen.  Verify that all information has been entered correctly and click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.