Download Booksure Tax Invoices

How to download your Booksure Tax Invoices

If your establishment is VAT registered you will be able to claim back the VAT paid to Booksure on the membership, payment transactions, refund and chargeback fees from SARS.  You will need to ensure that your VAT number appears correctly in the Tax Number field in the Settings > Establishment Details menu in order for it to appear on the VAT invoice as per SARS requirement.  Once you have added your VAT number, you can download and print your monthly Booksure VAT invoices.

Please ensure that you only generate the VAT invoice once the month has been completed e.g. do not print the invoice for February on 28 February, but rather wait until the next day as payments may come through in the evening which may cause your invoice amount to change.   

Please note that the monthly membership fees will appear on the monthly VAT invoice, so ensure that you do not claim this VAT twice as you would also have received an invoice via email.

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, please click on the Account link.

Step 2

This will redirect you to the Account tab.  Please scroll to the Tax Invoice section.  Select a month and year from the Paid in dropdown menus for the invoice that you require.  Thereafter click on the Generate Tax Invoice button.

Step 3

The invoice will open in a new tab within your internet browser.  To save a copy of the invoice, please select the applicable file type from the dropdown menu, and click on the save icon as depicted in the screen print below. 

Thereafter please select a folder to save it to and click on Save button.