Extending the expiration date on a quotation

Extending the expiry date on a quotation

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Bookings menu, and select the Enquiries option from the dropdown list.

Step 2

Under the Open Enquiries tab, click on the View link that appears alongside the enquiry that you wish to change. 

Step 3

From within the enquiry, scroll down until you reach the Quote section.   Please click on the Extend Expiry Date button that appears here.

Step 4

A pop up will open where you will be able to enter the new expiration date and time.  Please click on the Calendar Icon, and select the new expiration date from the calendar.  Thereafter, please enter the Expiration time by clicking in the block that appears alongside the Time field, and selecting the appropriate time by sliding the slider towards the right.

Once you have verified that the new expiration date and time entered is correct, please click on the Save button.

A pop up will appear thereafter, informing you that your guest has received notification of the extension.  Please click on the OK button.

Your guest will receive email and sms notification of the extended expiration, which will include the hyperlink to view the extended quotation.