Facebook integration

Turn your Facebook page into an additional booking tool.  Streamline the process of receiving enquiries and

bookings by embedding Booksure apps into your Facebook Page. Note that apps may only be embedded in a page

to which you have administrative rights.  This functionality is only available to Studio members.

There are three apps which you can install on your Facebook Page: Enquire Now, Book Now and Check Availability.

If your establishment is not real-time enabled, only the Enquiry app will apply.  For more information on real-time,

please visit the Understanding Real-time tutorial.

The apps will appear on your Facebook page and navigate a potential guest to a customized page that will

automatically create the guest enquiry or reservation within your Booksure dashboard.  

From within the Website Integration menu, click on the 'Facebook Integration' tab.

Facebook Integration

Select the app that you would like installed on your Facebook page.

Select Facebook App

Click the 'Add To Facebook' button to automatically log into Facebook and add the selected App, or click the 'Get

App Url' button to manually copy the Url and add the selected App to your Facebook page.

You will be navigated to a page and prompted to select the page to which you would like to add the app.

Add to facebook page

Once the App has been added to your Facebook page, you will need to log into Facebook and click on the App in

order to do the installation.

You will then be navigated to a screen where you will need to click on the 'Install' button to install the App.

Do Install

Once a potential guest clicks on your Facebook App, they will be able to make an enquiry, instant booking or check

your availability.  The pages viewed by the guest are customizable through your Booksure Dashboard.  For more

information on customizing the page, please view the Booksure Integration tutorial.