Free website activation

Booksure now offers our clients a free custom template website, that is free of hosting fees, and can be maintained and updated by you (Site Friendly URL Option).  Or should you already own your own domain, and want to continue using your current web address, we can implement the template website to replace your current website (Own Domain Option).  Unfortunately in this instance, you would still be required to pay the hosting fees to your existing service provider.

Please ensure that your Booksure set up is complete, as all of the relevant information and images will pull through directly from your Booksure RMS.

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, select the Distribution menu, and click on Free Website


Step 2

Under the Set up Free Website section, you will first be required to enter a Friendly URL, before being able to move on to the next step.

The friendly URL must be unique, so we would suggest that you use your establishment name.  Should this name already be taken, please try a variation of your establishment name such as Oudtshoornsirocco in place of Siroccosguesthouse.  Please note that the friendly URL will display as part of the website address like this:

Once you have entered a friendly URL, please click on the Save button.

Step 3

Under the Free Website section, please select the Online option by clicking on the greyed out block.  Once this has been done, please indicate whether you would like to use you Own Domain, or prefer to use the Site Friendly URL, by clicking on the circle that appears alongside the applicable option.

In the event that you would like to make use of your Own Domain, once you have selected this option, then type in your existing domain web address.  Thereafter, please click on the DNS Setup button.

A pop up will open, this contains the exact instructions and setting that you require to complete the Free Website activation.  This information will need to be passed onto your webmaster.  In the event that you have more than one domain that you wish to point to the new website, please request that your webmaster point one domain to this, and any subsequent domains to that one. 

Step 4

From Select Base Theme, select the Intimate option.  Thereafter, select a colour combination from the Select Style dropdown list.

Click on the Save and Preview button to save, and view your new website.  The new website will open in a new browser window, and be live.