How to advertise on affiliate sites

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is any company that has a travel related website and has an affiliate agreement with Booksure.   The affiliate site will make use of Booksure's code embedded in their site.  Code that could be embedded on the affiliate site includes the Booksure real-time widget, enquiry widget, availability calendar and book and enquiry buttons.  What is embedded would depend on the agreement that the affiliate has with Booksure.   The affiliate may charge a commission on bookings received through their site.  Other than Booksure's own travel websites, and, which are compulsory for all Cabin members, advertising on all other affiliates is optional.

Types of Affiliate

1.  Button Tracked Affiliate

This type of affiliate already has a website offering accommodation.  Your establishment would need to  listed on the affiliate website and should the affiliate charge a membership fees, your membership fees would need to be paid in full. Once you have requested to be linked through Booksure, the affiliate will link your ‘Enquire’ and ‘Book’ button code to your listing on their website.   This will enable potential guests to request a quote, check availability or complete a booking and pay in real-time. The rates and availability information are pulled directly from your Booksure system, assisting in reducing the hours spent keeping this information up to date. The enquiries and bookings received through an affiliate are then automatically entered into your Booksure Reservation Management System awaiting your attention.

What are the benefits?

By listing on affiliate sites you increase your online presence and potentially increase your number of bookings.

Reduce the hours spent updating your rates and availability information.

Commission payments to affiliates are paid over by Booksure on your behalf.