How to check outstanding amounts on reservations

From time to time you as the establishment owner, or your auditor or bookkeeper, may want to reconcile the reservations in the Booksure system.  An easy way to see if all reservations have been paid in full, will be to check the Outstanding Amounts on reservations in the Booksure system.

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Transactions menu.  Select Outstanding Amounts.

Step 2

Choose the month from the date picker drop-down for which you would like to see the outstanding amounts.  Please note that reservations are displayed according to arrival date and not date of payment.

Only reservations which have not been paid in full will be displayed on the report.

Step 3

You may print the report by clicking the Print button.  The printed report will look as below:

Please note:  In order to ensure the accuracy of the Outstanding Amounts report, it is important to ensure that reservations are not duplicated when using e.g. the Make a Secure Payment option.  When a reservation is created for a deposit payment, either through an Instant Quote, Secure Payment or a Manual Booking, please ensure that the full reservation amount is entered and the deposit percentage required is correctly specified.  Then, when the balance is payable, use either the Payment Reminder on the View Reservation screen if the guest is paying online, or use the Make a Secure Payment for an Existing Enquiry and search the original reservation which should have an outstanding amount on it.  That way deposit and balance payments are correctly linked up.