How to decline an enquiry

How to decline an enquiry

In the event that you are unable to accommodate a guest for their specified time period, you will be able to decline their enquiry and refer them to another establishment in the same vicinity.

Step 1

From your Dashboard, under the Enquiries Needing Attention section, click on the View link to view your enquiry.


Step 2

From within the enquiry, scroll towards the bottom of the screen.  Click on the Cancel / Decline Enquiry button.

Step 3

A Cancel / decline enquiry pop up will open.  Here, you will find that you have three available options towards the top. 

If you click on Cancel, this will cancel the enquiry, without sending any emails to the enquiring guest. 

If you select Unable to quote, the reason that you provide in the Reason text box will be emailed to the enquiring guest.

If you click on Refer, you would be able to decline the enquiry, but refer it to another Booksure establishment in your area.  Select an establishment from the list, type in your reason for cancellation, and click on the OK button.  An email will be generated to both the enquiring guest, and the establishment that you have referred the guest to.