How to make a secure payment

Make a Secure Payment

The Make a Secure Payment option acts like a credit card machine, and is used when the guest and credit card are present.  A secure payment may be made for either an existing reservation, for instance where the guest wants to pay the outstanding balance of his reservation, or for a new reservation where the guest walked in and no prior reservation exists on the Booksure system.

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, select the Make a Secure Payment option from Quick Links menu.

On the next screen, select whether the payment is for a new or an existing enquiry, by selecting either option A or option B.

Option A:  Existing enquiry

Start typing either the guest name or the enquiry number.  Autotext will come up with the different options as you type.  Select the relevant enquiry from the dropdown and click on it.

Click Next.

The enquiry will open with all of the guest information pre-populated.

If the information is correct and you wish to continue with the payment, click on the Make Payment button.  If you need to change any information, click Edit Enquiry.

Option B:  New Enquiry

This option is chosen when no prior enquiry has been created on Booksure.  A new reservation will be created while making the payment.  Enter all the relevant guest and accommodation details as requested and click the Make Payment button.

The next page will be the summary page.  If you are satisfied with all the information entered, click on the Make Payment button again.

Step 2

Payment via Booksure Payment Gateway

The next screen will be where you select which payment gateway you would like to use to process the payment.  This will default to Booksure's gateway, which processes credit cards and some cheque cards.  Your active Payment Gateways will display here, with the current currency conversion.

To process the payment via Booksure's payment gateway, please complete the relevant cardholder details.

On this screen, ensure that:

Ø  The amount payable is the correct amount

Ø  The credit card type is selected

Ø  You have indicated whether the card is a Personal or Commercial card

Ø  The credit card number, CVV number and expiry date are correct

Ø  The budget period is filled in where applicable.  Please remember that budget period only applies to credit cards issued in South Africa.

3D Secure is an additional security measure implemented by Visa and Mastercard and mandated by the Payment Association of South Africa.  This program was designed to protect cardholders against credit card fraud when making online payments.  

Click on the Confirm and Pay button.

Depending on the credit card type, and whether or not the card is enrolled in the 3D Secure program, the transaction will either be processed or you will be taken to the 3D Secure screen where your guest has to enter his One Time Pin.  The guest has three attempts to enter the 3D Secure pin correctly, after which, if unsuccessful, the card will be blocked.

If the transaction is successful, a printable receipt will appear on the screen, otherwise a message with the reason for unsuccessful will appear.  Please print the receipt, and get the cardholder to sign this and take a credit card imprint.  Please retain this receipt on file.  The guest will receive an email confirming their payment, and a copy of their receipt.

Step 3

Payment via a Third Payment Gateway

On the Make Payment Page, please select the applicable gateway from the options that appear under the Select Payment Option section.  Thereafter, please click on the Pay Now button.

You will then be redirected to the applicable Payment Gateway's Payment page where you will be required to enter all of the relevant cardholder's information and follow the prompts.  Please do not close this page or window. 

If the payment is successful, the receipt will automatically appear in a pop up window, and display on the screen.  In the event that the payment was unsuccessful, a Payment failed message will display on screen.  Once you have confirmed the result of the payment, please close this page.

Step 4

Should you be unsure of whether a transaction has been successful, please click on Payments & Transactions in the Quick Links menu from your Dashboard. A successful transaction will immediately appear there with a status of pending. If the transaction is not there, then it was not successful.