How to quote on an enquiry

How to quote on an enquiry

Step 1

From your Dashboard, under the Enquiries Needing Attention section, click on the View link to view your enquiry.

Step 2

From within the enquiry, scroll towards the bottom of the screen.  Click on the Quote Now button.

Step 3

Check and verify that your cancellation terms are correct, by clicking on the Show cancellation terms button. 

If correct, click on the Save Cancel Term button. If incorrect, click on the dropdown list next to Title, select the

applicable terms, and click on the Save Cancel Term button.

Step 4

Enquiry Establishments:  Under the Accommodation section, enter the Price incl V A T for the rooms requested on the right hand side.  Please note that should the guests be staying for more than one night, you will need to enter the amount for the total number of nights quoted on, and not the daily amount here.

Real-time Establishments:  An Available column will display here, and the number of available rooms per room type will be bold.  If there is availability, please click on the Rates button that appears alongside the requested room.  

This will open a Rates pop up.  Please select the number of rooms requested from the Select Quantity dropdown.  Thereafter, please indicate which Rate plan that you want to apply to the quotation, and select the number of adults, children and toddlers.  The rate will automatically be calculated from your real-time rates. Please click on the Apply Rate button.

Step 5

Under the Services section, you may select any Services that have previously been set up under Settings – Services to include in your quotation.  The Quantity and Price incl thereof will need to be added here.  To include a service, please click on the up arrow next to the quantity box, and enter the price thereof.  Services may be included on the quote at no cost.

Step 6

In the event that you would like to quote on a service that has not yet been set up, you may use the Additional line

items to do so.  Please complete the description, as well as the quantity and price.  Click on the red circle to delete

the line, or click on the Add new line item button, to add additional line items to quote on.  Press the Recalculate

Quote Amount button to ensure that all the additional lines have been included in your quote amount.

Should you wish to display a Discount, please remember to include a - before the number to ensure that the amount is deducted correctly in the quotation.

Step 7

The quotation will automatically calculate the total.  The deposit percentage will default to the percentage that was inserted under Settings - Policies.

Our Cabin members will not be able to alter the deposit percentage to less than 50 % of the total quotation.  However, you may adjust it to a higher percentage by using the up arrow buttons next to the Deposit percentage box.

Our Studio members may adjust the Deposit percentage using the up and down arrow buttons, or alternatively click on the Fixed amount, and enter the deposit amount that you require to confirm the reservation.  The fixed deposit amount may not be more than the total quote amount, and this will result in an error. 

Please be sure to alter the Quote valid until date to your requirements.  

Step 8

Once you have verified that all of the information and pricing is correct, click on the Save Enquiry and Send Quote button.  The guest will receive an sms (if their cellphone number was entered) informing them that they have received a quotation, and requesting that they check their email.  The quotation will be emailed to the guest.