• As an owner of an accommodation establishment, you need to be a member of both Booksure and
  • Your Establishment must be configured for Real-time rates on Booksure.
  • Currency set-up in must be the same in Booksure.  Booksure currently only supports ZAR for South African Establishments. must, therefore, also be configured in ZAR.
  • For each room type that must be mapped to, a rate plan must be set up and rates and availability must be set up for the next 6 months.
  • The room’s sleep quantity on Booksure MUST match the sleep quantity on
Notes and Exclusions 
  • supports Single & Unit Pricing Models. If you have set your rates as per person sharing in Booksure, these rates will not be supported on which may result in these rooms showing as unavailable on   To resolve this, include a unit price for all room types in Booksure that will be mapped to
  • Booksure does not support the Minimum Contracted rooms feature on
  • The rates entered on Booksure are inclusive of all taxes/commissions. These rates must reflect the correct Sell/Net rates on  
  • If a new room/rate plan is created in Booksure, this room/rate plan will not be automatically created and mapped on You would need to set up your room on both systems and map these on Booksure to enable the synchronization to take place. 
  • Any bookings received via prior to the integration mapping taking place, will not be reflected in Booksure.  This availability will need to be manually updated in Booksure.   Any bookings received via after the integration mapping taking place, will be automatically reflected in Booksure. 
Steps in the Process
  • The Establishment contacts their account manager to request a commercial assessment of XML integration for a Two-Way connection with Booksure as the IT provider.
  • If integration is possible, account manager will request the Establishment complete a Hotel-XML agreement.
  • emails the Establishment confirmation of receipt of the completed agreement.   The Establishment must then wait for a new email from confirming that the connection has been completed by Booksure.  This could take up to 2 days.
  • Once the Establishment receives an email from confirming that the connection has been completed by Booksure, the Establishment will need to follow instructions in the email on how to log into their in order to "Confirm the requested connection".
  • After completion of this step, the Establishment will no longer be able to maintain their room/rates and availability on  This information will be maintained on Booksure.
  • The Establishment will need to log into their Booksure account in order to map the Booksure Room/ Rate plan to the Room / Rate plan.