Invite a new user

Giving a new user access to your Booksure System

Studio members have the ability to have two sets of login details for two different user accounts.  Please follow the steps below to add a new user to your establishment’s Booksure profile.

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Account link.

Step 2

This will redirect you to the Account tab.  Please click on the Users tab.  

Step 3

Click on the Invite a User button under the Add additional users section.

Step 4

This will open a pop up where you will be required to enter the relevant information relating to the new user.  Please ensure that you tick the relevant checkboxes relating to the relative roles of the new user. These roles will determine which emails this type of user will receive.  Once this has been completed, please click on the Save button.

An email will be sent to the new user requesting that they create their Booksure account.

Step 5

When the new user clicks on the hyperlink within the email, they will be redirected to Booksure’s website where they will be required to assign themselves login details, as well as enter relevant contact information. 


Once the user has completed this, they will have access to Booksure and will appear in the users table.