Affiliate Sites

The affiliate sites section will contain a list of all affiliates that have entered into an agreement with Booksure, regardless of the type of affiliate agreement.

Above the affiliate logo will be a link to their website as well as terms and conditions pertaining to listing on their site.  The commission displayed here will be the full commission that will be deducted from any confirmed reservation received through the affiliate site.  VAT will be added to the commission charged.

A status column will show whether the affiliate is enabled or disabled.  Should the affiliate be a button code tracked affiliate, the status of the button code on the affiliate site will display here as well as link action buttons.

Enabled  Status

This means that the establishment satisfies the criteria that the affiliate specified when joining the Booksure Affiliate Network and that the affiliate commission charged is less than the opt-in percentage set by the establishment.

Disabled Status

This means that either the establishment does not satisfy the criteria set by the affiliate, or the commission charged by the affiliate is greater that the opt-in percentage set by the establishment. By enabling a disabled affiliate, the affiliate will have the opportunity of accepting or declining your request.