Link Requests Requiring Attention

Affiliates will display under the Link Requests Requiring Attention if:
  • The affiliate owns a travel related website listing accommodation
  • The affiliate has a partnership agreement with Booksure
  • The affiliate makes use of enquire and/or book button code to integrate with Booksure's Reservation Management System
  • The affiliate commission is less than or equal to the opt-in percentage selected by the Establishment.
  • The Establishment matches filter criteria set up by the affiliate.

Affiliates apply certain filter criteria when setting up their Booksure agreement.  This criteria includes Establishment type, Environment, Star Grading and Destination.  Affiliates are also able to include or exclude individual establishments in their selection criteria.

A link or unlink request may be initiated from either your Booksure dashboard or by the affiliate. In either event, you will be notified once the code has been added or removed from the affiliate site. It is your responsibility, as the establishment, to ensure that the link code has been correctly added or removed from the affiliate site. 

Link Requests Statuses Explained

Link Me

In order to be linked to the Affiliate website, you would need to agree to the Affiliate Terms and Conditions.  Your establishment would need to have an existing listing on the Affiliate website and if membership fees apply, the membership fees would need to be paid in full.  When the Establishment clicks the Link Me button, the Affiliate will be informed of the link request via email and the status will be updated to Link Requested

Link Me

The Affiliate then enables the link on his website and accepts the request.  The Establishment will be notified via email once this has been done and the status will change to Linked.

Should the Affiliate decline the link request for whatever reason, the Establishment will be notified via email and the status will change to Declined.

No Thanks

Should you not be interested in any kind of association with the Affiliate, please click on the No Thanks button.

No Thanks

The status will be changed to Declined and the Affiliate will no longer be displayed under Link Requests Requiring Attention.  Should you ever wish to be linked to that particular Affiliate in future, the Affiliate will still be visible under the Affiliate Sites section.


Should you at any stage decide that you no longer wish to be linked to an Affiliate, please click on the Unlink  button.  

The status will change to Unlink Requested and the affiliate will be notified via email.  You will receive confirmation once the Affiliate has removed the button code from the Affiliate website.  The status of the affiliate will change to Unlinked.