Opt-In Percentage

The opt-in commission percentage will be defaulted to 10 % if it has not yet been changed by the Establishment.  This means that you will be automatically opted-in to any affiliate that charges a commission percentage of 10% or lower, and provided that your establishment criteria matches that of the affiliate filters (to be discussed in another tutorial).

The new affiliate will be visible in
the top section of your page under the heading Link Requests Requiring Attention, where you can request or decline to be linked to the affiliate.  Affiliates who charge more than your selected opt-in commission percentage will appear lower down on the page under the Affiliate Sites section. 

Change your Opt-In Limit

Should you wish to change your Opt-In Limit, please select the new percentage by clicking on the radio button and then clicking the Save Opt-in limit button.  You will receive a popup notification confirming your changes.

opt in saved

Changing the opt-in percentage will result in any affiliate charging a higher percentage commission that falls within the opt-in percentage, now being visible in the Link Requests Requiring Attention section.  Should your opt-in percentage be lowered, you will be able to send an unlink request to the affiliate.