Payment Gateways

What is a payment gateway?

All payments made on the internet are done so via a payment gateway.    All Booksure members residing in South Africa will automatically be able to use Booksure's own payment gateway.   The establishment will not require a merchant account as funds are channelled via the gateway into Booksure's merchant account.  These funds will then be on-paid to the establishment within 3-4 working days depending on the time of the transaction and the issuing bank.  Booksure's payment gateway facilitates payment via visa / mastercard / American Express and Diner's Club credit cards that reflect an expiration date and cvv.
What is a 3rd party payment gateway?
If an establishment already has a merchant account with a 3rd party payment gateway such as Paypal, Monsterpay or Skrill, payments for accommodation can be facilitated via these 3rd party gateways.  If the establishment does not have an existing merchant account with the 3rd party payment gateway, they may apply to the payment service provider. 
In this instance, when a quotation is sent via Booksure, or the guest is paying online via a real-time reservation, the guest will be given an option to pay via the 3rd party payment gateway.   The funds will be channelled directly into the Establishment's merchant account.  The reservation will automatically be updated with payment details via Booksure's booking software and a payment receipt will be sent to the guest.
Which 3rd party payment gateways are supported?
For detailed information on how to configure a 3rd party gateway, click on the gateway below.

How much does this cost?

Depending on the Booksure membership, a small fee may be charged.  For more information on packages and fees available, packages and pricing.
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