Before accepting payments via Booksure into your Monsterpay account, you must first have an existing Monsterpay  account.

You will need to map your Monsterpay configuration from within your Booksure dashboard.   To do this, log onto your Booksure dashboard and click on the Payment Gateways Menu.

Payment Gateway Menu

Under the Monsterpay heading, click on the 'Setup' button.


A popup window will open where you will be required to enter your Monsterpay account information.  The information that is required can be found in your Monsterpay account. 
Log into your Monsterpay account and click on the 'sell online' tab on the top menu.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see the heading Merchant Identifier.  This is the merchant identifier that needs to be mapped in your Booksure setup.  Please make sure that the currency that is defined in Booksure matches the currency in which your Monsterpay account is configured.

Sell Online

Inside your Monsterpay Account, you will also need to change the Auto-Redirect URL.  You will need to change this to the value that is displayed in your Booksure setup.
On the same 'Sell Online' screen in Monsterpay, underneath the 'Selling Preferences' heading, you will see a menu Website Payment References.  Click on this link.   Make sure that the Auto Redirect is switched to 'ON'.  Copy and paste the Auto-Redirect URL displayed in your Booksure setup into the Redirect URL field in Monsterpay.  This needs to be done in order to make sure that after a payment has been facilitated via Booksure, that the Booksure reservations and receipts are correctly updated and displayed.
Redirect URL