Before accepting payments via Booksure into your Skrill account, you must have an existing Skrill account.  For more information on setting up a Skrill account, consult their website

You will need to map your Skrill configuration from within your Booksure dashboard.   To do this, log onto your Booksure dashboard and click on the Payment Gateways Menu.

Payment Gateway Menu

Under the Skrill heading, click on the 'Setup' button.
A popup window will open where you will be required to enter your Skrill account information.  

Booksure Setup

The information that is required to complete the setup can be found in your Skrill account.   The email address is the same email address that is used to access your Skrill account.  The ID field can be found at the top right of the Skrill dashboard, underneath the email address.

Skrill ID

Please make sure that the currency that is defined in Booksure matches the currency in which your Skrill account is configured.