Policies set up

Setting up you various Policies

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Settings menu, and select Policies.

Step 2

To set a reminder to send your guests a Thank you for you stay email, click on the greyed out block that appears alongside Thank you for your stay email reminder.  If this option is set to yes, a reminder will appear on your dashboard.  In order to customise the wording of this email, you can click on Setting – Templates to do so.

Step 3

In order to set your Check in and Check out times, click in the applicable text box.  A pop up will appear, where you can slide the slider to the correct time.  Once the time appears correctly, click on the Done button.

Step 4

In order to set whether or not you accept children at your establishment, please click on the greyed out block that appears alongside Do you allow children.  Please also enter the age from which you allow.


Step 5

In order to activate your reviews, please click on they greyed out block that appears alongside Activate Reviews.  Should this option be activated, an email will be sent to your guests after check out requesting that they review their stay.  These reviews will then appear on the Booksure affiliate sites, and great reviews of our Studio members will be posted to the Booksure Facebook page.

Step 6

You can add the contact information of additional staff members whom you would like to receive Booksure notifications.  In order to do this, please complete the contact details under either the Reservation Manager, or General Manager fields.

Step 7

The deposit percentage that appears here will be the percentage that will reflect on your quotations.

Our Cabin members will not be able to alter the deposit percentage to less than 50 %.  However, you may adjust it to a higher percentage by using the up arrow buttons next to the Deposit percentage box.

Our Studio members may adjust the Deposit percentage to any amount above 10 % using the up and down arrow buttons. 

Step 8

Once you have verified that all of the information entered here is correct, click on the Save button to save these changes.