Preventing Chargebacks

How to prevent a Chargeback:

Implementing the following procedures will help to either prevent or resolve chargeback disputes when they occur:

  • Ensure that all guest contact information is entered in the Booksure system correctly e.g. email address and mobile number.  This will ensure that the guest can be reached when a chargeback occurs.
  • Ensure that the cardholder signs the receipt and, if the transaction was not authenticated through 3D Secure, that you take an imprint of the credit card on the signed receipt.  This receipt must be stored for a minimum of 180 days after the arrival or transaction date.
  • Process the transaction through 3D Secure
  • Any transaction that is successfully processed via 3D Secure, cannot be charged back, unless non-rendering of service can be proven by the guest.  3D Secure is available on VISA, American Express and MasterCard transactions.
  • When card details are received via fax or email, rather send an instant quote or payment hyperlink to the guest to enable him to pay securely online.  The transaction will then automatically pass through 3D Secure provided that the credit card type is a VISA, American Express or Mastercard.  This is a much safer option than processing the transaction at your establishment when the guest is not present.