Print or download a booking with an account summary

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Bookings menu, and select Reservations.

Step 2

Click View on the applicable reservation that you wish to print or download a summary for.

Step 3

From within the reservation view, please scroll down to bottom of this screen, and click on the Print button.

Step 4

This will open a print pop up.  Please indicate whether you would like to print this with or without messages, and thereafter click the Okay button.

The booking and account summary will open in a new window, and will contain all of the relevant information relating to the reservation, as well as the payments and balances.

Step 5

To print this summary, please click on the print icon as indicated in the screenprint below.

Then select the applicable printer connected to your computer from the Print popup, and click on the Okay button.

Step 6

To download a copy of this summary, please click on the save icon as indicated in the screenprint below.  

Please click on the Okay button in the Opening File pop up.  

Thereafter please select a folder on your computer that you wish to save the summary to, and click on the Save button.