How to set up a Rate Plan

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Pricing, and select Real-time Rates.

Step 2

Please click on the Setup Rate Plan button.

Step 3

From within the Rate Plan Setup section, click on the Add Rate Plan button next to the room name.  Please note that you are only setting the applicable rate plan criteria here.  The availability and prices will need to be added in Pricing – Real-time Rates (for the Set up Real-Time Rates tutorial click here).

In the Add new rate plan pop up, please provide a descriptive Rate plan name.  Select the Cancellation policy that applies to this rate plan.  Cabin members Deposit percentage defaults to 50 %, and cannot be set any lower.  Studio members may adjust their deposit percentage higher or lower by clicking on the up and down arrows that appear alongside the deposit percentage box. 

The Highest price amount is entered as a safeguard to ensure that this rate plan will not be displayed as R0, should your Establishment integrate with a 3rd party booking channel.  Please set the maximum price based on full occupancy of this room here. 

In the event that you would like this rate plan to automatically calculate from your Base Rate,  you would be able to do this by adding an offset to the Base Rate.  Eg.  If you have a Bed & Breakfast rate plan and would like to add R75 onto your base rate for breakfast.

Select the applicable option from the Rate will be dropdown menu. 

If you have selected either the greater than or the less than options, an additional dropdown menu, and text box will appear.  Select whether you would like the offset to be calculated as a percentage or a fixed amount in the dropdown menu. 

Enter either the percentage or the amount in the text box.  Please indicate which Meals, if any, are to be included in the rate plan price by clicking on the applicable block.

Select which restrictions, if any, you would like to apply to your rate plan by clicking on the applicable block.  Should you be unsure of what a particular restriction means, hover your mouse cursor over the blue help icon that appear alongside the restriction.  An explanation pop up will appear with the appropriate restriction explanation.  Once you have verified that all the information is correct, click on the Save button, to save the new rate plan criteria.

Once you have added all rate plans, you will be able to edit and delete them here.

In the event that your Base Rates have already been entered and you have utilised the offset, you can view these rate plan rates by clicking on the Pricing menu, select Real-time rates.  The click on the Channel Rates & Restrictions button that appears alongside your room names.  The offset amount will appear in red alongside the rate plan name.

You can also select the order in which you would prefer your rate plans to be displayed in the Book Now widgets to guests, as well as in the Manual Booking and Quotation screen. 

This can be done by clicking on the up and down arrows that appear alongside your rate plan names for each room.