Realtime base rates

Setting up your Real-time Base Rates

Step 1

In order for the rates and availability entered here to appear, please ensure that you have added a real-time rate plan.  To view the rate plan tutorial, please click here.  From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Pricing menu, and select Real-time Rates. 

This will take you to the Base Rates page.  Here you should see the rooms listed which you had previously set up in Setting – Rooms.  The price per occupancy that you selected when adding your room will also appear here.

Step 2

Please note that the availability and Base Rates can be entered either at an individual day level, or alternatively, you can make use of the Bulk Updater for Date Range.


Click on the orange Update Base Rates for Date Range button located above the name of your first room. 

This will open a Bulk Updater pop up.

Step 3

Select the Room to which you would like to update the base rates for, by clicking on the applicable box alongside the room name.

Thereafter, select the From and To dates that you would like the Base Rates to be applicable over.

Select Which Days you would want the base rates to apply to by clicking on the boxes that appear alongside them.

Under Set Room Quantity, click on the box that appears alongside this to indicate the number of rooms that you would like to set as available over the indicated period.  Thereafter, enter the numerical number in the box that appears to the right of this.

Set your Apply rate to which occupancy, by clicking on the block that appears alongside the applicable option.  Thereafter, please enter in the prices in each appropriate text box.

Once you have verified that all of the information entered is correct, click on the Save button to save your changes.

All of the updated information will now appear within your Base Rates Page

Step 4

You may also enter the rates and information at an individual day level from the Base Rates Page.  In this instance no rates or availability have been entered for any Friday or Saturday in the period indicated in the Bulk Updater.

First enter the available number of rooms in the empty Qty blocks.  

Please note that the numbers that appear under Booked, are confirmed reservations that already exist within your Booksure system.  

Thereafter, enter the Pricing rates in the applicable empty blocks. 

Once you have verified that all of the information entered is correct, click on the Save Changes button to save the changes.