Refund Lookup

How to lookup a refund

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, please click on Transactions from the top menu.

Step 2

This will take you to the Payments and Transactions view.  Please select the Refunds tab.

Step 3

Please enter the relevant dates in the From and To fields, and click on the View Refunds button.

Step 4

A list of all refunds that were successfully processed within the stipulated date range will display. 

If the funds to cover the refund where withheld from onpayments due to your establishment View Deductions will display in the Refund Payment Method column.  Clicking on this will display a pop up which indicates the onpayment bank statement reference, date withheld as well as the amount withheld.  A refund payment method of Deposited would indicate that the establishment deposited the funds to cover the refund into Booksure’s account.