Room set up

Setting up your Rooms

Step 1

From within your Booksure Dashboard, click on the Setting menu towards the top right hand corner.  Select Rooms.

Step 2

Here you are able to add rooms at a room type level.

From within the Rooms section, click on the Add a Room Type button.

Step 3

To add an individual room, please complete all of the relevant room information in the Add new room type pop up.  Please ensure that you set the Room Type Quantity as 1.  Please stipulate how the occupancy for this room will be priced.  Thereafter, click on the Save button, to save your changes.

The Sleeps Extra (Per room type) would be used in the instance where a room may have for e.g. a sleeper couch.  An establishment may market that specific room as a 2 sleeper, but it has the ability to sleep 4.  Please ensure that if you have selected this option, that you tick the Set price per extra person under the occupancy pricing.

To add a room group where the room characteristics are similar and the pricing the same, please click on Add a Room Type button.  Please provide these rooms with a collective name such as Family Unit or Double Suite.  Please complete all of the relevant information, ensuring that you set your Room Type Quantity to the number of these rooms that you have.  Please stipulate how the occupancy for this room will be priced.  Thereafter, click on the Save button, to save your changes.

Step 4

Should you want the above mentioned grouped room to appear individually on the enquiry or booking form, you can do so by clicking on the Add Room button.

Complete the room Title and Description and click on the Save button.

Thereafter, the new room will appear as below.

Step 5

To add the facilities that are available in each room, click on the Add / Delete link that appears alongside facilities.  This will open a Room Type Facilities pop up window.  To select an applicable facility, simply click on the box alongside it.  Once you have selected all of the applicable facilities, click on the Save button to save the changes.

Step 6

In order to upload a gallery image for a specific room, click on the down arrow on the left hand side next to the room name of the room that you wish to upload an image for.  Click on Upload picture underneath the house image.  This will open your File uploader.  Search for and select the image that you wish to load and press Open.

The selected room image will open in a Crop Image window.  Here you are able to crop your image by placing your cursor on the white squares and dragging these inwards or outwards.  You can also click on the inside of the selection and drag to move it around.  Once you are satisfied with the selection, click on the Crop & Save button to save your changes.  

Please note that it may take a few minutes for your new room image to appear here.