Social Sharing

With a large majority of potential travellers communicating via Social Media channels, Booksure has made sharing your information across social platforms as easy as a click of a button.    
Wherever you see the button  Booksure Share  your information will be available for sharing on your Social Media Feed.
Eg:  Your guest is viewing a quotation that has been sent.  

Clicking on the 'Share' button, will open a popup window giving different social media icons.  By clicking on a social media icon, the Establishment details will be shared on the guest's social media feed.
Booksure Social Share popup

Places where the 'Share' button is visible

  • On all pages visible to your guest when viewing a reservation or quotation.
  • On your listing page on and
  • From within your establishment under your communications/reviews menu.  This is a great way to share your   favourable reviews on your timeline.