Understanding 24 hour authorization

What is 24 hour authorisation on Real-time bookings?

If your real-time bookings are enabled, you will now be able to set a 24 hour authorisation period on these.  You would then have 24 hours in which to either confirm or decline these bookings.  This option would only be applicable to real-time bookings that would originate from either your Free Booksure website, or the affiliate websites Booksure Travel and Book The Spot.

How it works

When a guest makes a booking on your Free Booksure website, Booksure Travel or Book The Spot, they will be prompted to make either a deposit, or full payment using the Booksure payment gateway.  Once they have entered their credit card details, and processed the payment, this message displays informing them of the 24 hr authorisation.

Please note:  Payment via a Third Party Payment gateway such as Paypal is not available for 24 hour authorisation.

You will receive an email and sms, informing you of the booking.

The booking will also appear on your Booksure dashboard

 From within the reservation, you will see the Confirm Booking Request and Decline Booking Request buttons.


If you accept the booking, an email will be generated to the guest informing them that their booking request was successful.


In the event that you decline the booking, the guest will also receive email notification of this.


Should you not action the request at all in the 24 hour period, the guest will receive an email informing them that their booking request was unsuccessful.

Please contact us on 0861 115 138, or email support@booksure.com to activate your 24 hour Authorisation.