Understanding realtime


Gone are the days where a potential guest would send an enquiry for a quotation to an accommodation establishment, and then wait three days to hear back, and still no quote.

Over the past few years there has been a massive increase in the offering of Real-time bookings within the Accommodation Industry.  This is most evident internationally, with the norm being Real-time bookings as opposed to Enquiries.  And as such, this means that International guests are accustomed to booking their holidays and business travel in this manner.

What is Real-time?

Real-time allows potential guests to view your exact rates and availability over the date range that they are looking for accommodation.

They are able to make a booking there and then, and in some instances are required to make either a deposit payment, or settle the full amount before the booking can be confirmed.

Many accommodation establishments have previously been hesitant to take Real-time bookings, with the collective main reason for this being overbooking. 

With our new Channel integration module, overbooking will no longer be a concern.  Should your set up be completed, and the channel be enabled in Distribution – Online Distribution, real-time bookings received from these channels, as well as your Free website and affiliates Booksure Travel and Book The Spot, will automatically update the availability within your Booksure system.  We also now have 24 hour authorisation available on real-time bookings from your Free website and affiliates Booksure Travel and Book The Spot.  This would give you 24 hours in which to either accept or decline the booking.  To learn more about 24 hour authorisation, click here.

Furthermore, in your redesigned Booksure system, you are able to select the number of rooms that you would like to make available to Online Distribution.  So if this whole Real-time thing makes you a little nervous, why not only make 2 of your 6 double rooms available?

In addition to gaining access to a piece of the market that you previously may not have had access to, real-time will also diminish some of the admin load, as no quoting is required with these bookings.

Please contact Booksure on 0861 115 138, or alternatively email support@booksure.com to activate your Real-time.