Understanding your dashboard

Your dashboard is the first page that you will see once you log in to your Booksure RMS.  It is a home page of sorts, and provides overviews of enquiries, reservations and messages.  In addition to this, there are various quick links and additional features that appear here.

Herewith a brief explanation on each of the items that you might find on your dashboard.


This will contain important information such as messages received from guests and Real-time bookings that have been made to your establishment.  Although these will show as alerts, you will also receive email and SMS notification, should this feature be turned on.

To view the enquiries, reservations or messages that appear here, click on the View enquiry or View reservation links that would appear alongside these. To remove an alert, click the red icon that appears alongside it.

Other messages that may display here would be messages from Booksure Support and other warnings regarding known fraudulent activity.

Real-time Bookings Needing Confirmation

Should your establishment be enabled for real-time bookings, and your 24 hour authorisation activated, bookings made from either your website, or Booksure’s affiliate websites will appear here.  To open these bookings, click on the View link that appears in the Actions column. 

To learn more about real-time bookings click here.  To learn more about 24 hour authorisation on real-time bookings click here.

Enquiries Needing Attention

Enquiries that have been received, but not yet been quoted on, will appear here. It is important to differentiate between an “Enquiry” and a “Reservation”. An enquiry will remain an enquiry up until a deposit payment has been received. Once this has taken place, the status will change from an enquiry to a reservation. To open these enquiries, click on the View link that appears in the Actions column.

To learn more about how to quote on an enquiry click here.  To learn more about how to decline an enquiry click here.

Message Sent Before Quoting

Messages that you have sent in response to enquiries which have not yet been quoted on, will appear here. To view and respond to the enquiry, click on the View link that appears in the Actions column.

Upcoming Reservations

Confirmed and real-time reservations arriving in the near future will display here. In the drop down list located at the top right, you can specify if you would like to display guests arriving in the next 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. To view a particular reservation, click on the View link located in the Actions column.

Search Bar

On the top right hand corner of the page there is a search bar where you can enter a reservation number or the guest name to search for enquiries, messages or reservations made. A drop down list will appear displaying the 5 most recent matching results.  Click on the record in the dropdown list in order to open the enquiry or reservation.



Clicking on the Enquiries page link will redirect you to your Open enquiries and Archived enquiries pages.  Here you will be able to view all current and previous enquiries.


Clicking on the Reservations page link will redirect you to your Reservations page.  Here you will be able to view a record of all of your upcoming real-time and confirmed reservations.  To view previous reservations, please make use of the calendar.

Daily Diary

A useful feature that will show you all of your enquiries (current, archived and declined), as well as reservations (current and requiring authorisation), all displayed in a calendar.  The guest names and enquiry or reservation numbers are displayed here.  You can view these enquiries or reservations by simply clicking on them on the calendar.

Quick Links

Payments and Transactions

Clicking on the Payments and Transactions quick link will redirect you to the Transactions page.  Here you will be able to view whether your guest payments were successful or not, and you will also be able to see when these funds were onpaid to you. 

To learn more about this guest payments click here.  To learn more about onpayments click here.

Instant Quote

Use this feature to provide a quotation to a potential guest who has contacted your establishment directly, and has not come through the Booksure system.

To learn more about the instant quote feature click here.

Manual Booking

This feature would be used to create a reservation for a walk in guest.

Make a Secure Payment

This feature is utilised to settle your guest’s bill using the Booksure secure credit card facilities. To learn more about this feature click here.