Using Booksure to receive payments

From within your Booksure Dashboards, there are a number of different ways in which you can use Booksure in order to receive payments. A short cut to each method can be found under the 'Quick Links' header on the right hand side of your dashboard.
If your guest has not yet arrived, it is always safer to get your guest to enter his/her own credit card details.  By doing this, your guest will be forced to process the payment via 3D secure, which will greatly reduce the risk of fraud.  Once the payment has been made, the reservation manager will receive email and SMS confirmation.  The reservation will also be automatically updated to reflect the payment and a receipt will be emailed to the guest.

Manual Booking: 
A manual booking can be created when you have received a confirmed booking through a different booking site, for example, and you would like to capture the booking and send a link to your guest in order for your guest to complete the payment. 

Instant Quote:
An instant quote can be sent when a guest contacts you via telephone, email or through a contact form on your website.  You would create an instant quote, set the deposit % required and the quote will automatically be sent to your guest.  When your guest receives the quote, your guest will be able to pay securely online with his/her credit card.   For details on how to complete the process, How to do an instant quote.

Make a Secure Payment: 
The Make a Secure Payment option can be used for walk-in guests or guests who are wanting to check-out and settle the balance of payment.  It is preferable that the guest is present when this option is used.  This option may also be used to process virtual credit cards issued by other booking sites, for example Agoda, or to process bookings received via Expedia when the guest prefers to settle at the hotel.  For details on how to complete the process, How to make a secure payment.