By activating your establishment for reviews, you will be able to see reviews from guests once they have left your establishment.  The reviews will be displayed on Booksure Affiliate sites for other to see.

Gallery Images

You have heard the saying "A picture tells a 1000 stories".  Booksure gives you the ability to upload high resolution gallery images.  Take advantage of this feature in order to showcase the best of your establishment.

Featured Establishment on Affiliate Site home page

How do you get your establishment to show as a featured establishment on the home page of affiliate sites such as Booksure Travel and Book The Spot?   These slots are randomly populated depending on a number of factors. 

A few things can be done to increase your chances of appearing here:

    - increase the number of favourable reviews received by your guests

    - refer Booksure to other guesthouses


Do you have more users who need to be notified of upcoming bookings?   Send a new user invitation.  You can set the role of the user to Reservation Manager which will mean that the user will be copied in on all reservation emails.