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Can I have both the Booksure™ real-time and enquiry based systems on my site?
Yes, you can give your guests both options.  Real-time and enquiry based enquiries will be synced up automatically.

Does the real-time module cost extra?
No, the price remains the same.

Can I turn the SMS notification function off?
You have the ability to turn this function on or off from within your ‘My Booksure’ area.

Do you store credit card details?
No we do not. This is a security measure which prohibits credit card fraud.

How do I know if a payment has gone through successfully?
To see if a transaction has been successfully processed, log into your ‘My Booksure’ area and click on your payments and transactions menu.

Successful transactions will have a result description of ‘Successful’.
Unsuccessful transactions will have different result descriptions:

  • Denied: This transaction has been denied by the cardholder’s bank (the issuing bank).

This could be for a number of reasons :

    • insufficient funds available
    • invalid CVV number entered
    • invalid PIN number entered
    • the issuing bank may have a block on online payments to South Africa. The cardholder needs to contact his/her bank in order to determine the reason for the denied transaction.


  • Hot Card: This card has been reported as stolen.
  • Invalid Card Number: An invalid card number has been entered. There are either insufficient digits or invalid characters in the card number.
  • Please Call: The cardholder needs to contact his/her bank in order to determine the reason for the authorization failure.
  • Recurring Transaction: Any two payments made within a 20 minute period using the same credit card details and with the same transaction amount will result in this error. This is to prevent a transaction being processed twice in error. If this is not an error, wait 20 minutes and reprocess the transaction.

How long does it take Booksure™ to pay the money owed over to me?
Studio members - Transaction times are generally 2-4 working days, depending on the banking payment cycle, who you bank with and when the initial payment was made. Cabin members - Money will be paid over 24 hours after guest check-in.

How do I know what amounts are still owing to me?
You can login to your ‘my Booksure’ area and check your payments and transactions section to see what is still outstanding.

Can I refund my guest?
A refund must not be confused with a transaction reversal (refer to Can I reverse a transaction).
A refund can be processed if the guest needs to be refunded a portion or full amount of a transaction.
A refund can only be paid into the same credit card account out of which the original transaction was processed.
Booksure™ cannot refund into a different credit card account.
A refund may be subjected to a refund fee. In the event of a booking made via an affiliate site that imposed a commission, the commission is non-refundable.

Certain processing conditions apply depending on whether the amount has been on-paid to the establishment or not:

  • The transaction amount has been on-paid to the establishment:
    • if there are sufficient funds in the pending on-payments to cover the refund amount + applicable fee, the refund will be processed immediately on receipt of the refund request form.
      The refund amount + applicable fee will be deducted from the next on-payment.
    • if there are insufficient funds in the pending on-payments to cover the refund amount + applicable fee, the amount of the refund + applicable fee + commission will need to be deposited into the Booksure™ Bank account.
      Only once these funds have become available, will the refund be processed.
  • The transaction amount has not yet been on-paid to the establishment:
    • the refund will be processed immediately on receipt of the refund request form. The refund amount + applicable fee + applicable commission will be deducted from the next on-payment.

Once the refund has been processed, the guest and establishment will receive email notification.
This transaction will be shown as a credit on the cardholder’s statement with a reference of

For a detailed look at how to process a refund, please view the refund tutorial.  The ability for Booksure to refund a guest on behalf of an establishment is only available in a situation where the amount paid by the guest has not yet been on-paid to the Establishment.

Can I reverse (void) a transaction?
All credit card payments made via an online payment gateway are grouped and processed in batches.  A transaction can only be reversed (voided) if the batch cut off time for the transaction has not yet been reached.  Should you need to void a transaction, follow the procedure for a refund.  Booksure™ support staff will be notified of the refund request and will determine whether the batch cut off time has been reached or not.  Based on the cut-off time, the transaction will either be voided or a refund will be processed.  Contact Booksure™ support should you wish to void a transaction.

What is a chargeback and how do I prevent it?
A chargeback arises when the cardholder disputes the transaction with his/her bank.  When this happens, the Establishment will be notified that their guest disputed the transaction.  Unless sufficient documentation is forwarded to the cardholder's bank within 7 days of the dispute notification, the Booksure™ account will be debited.  Booksure™ will, in turn, need to debit the Establishment's bank account.   

The risk of a chargeback can be minimized by taking the following precautions when the guest arrives:

  • Check the “valid date” on the credit card, to ensure that the card has not expired.
  • Obtain an imprint of the credit card, and a signature from the Client on the generated payment receipt or by making use of the provided manual receipt book should the payment receipt not be available. An imprint needs to be obtained by placing the printed receipt over the credit card and scratching on the receipt with a pencil. This will cause the embossed digits on the card to be visible on the receipt. Please note that a photostat of a credit card will NOT be accepted by the bank should a chargeback dispute arise.
  • The Operator must request the Client to provide proof of identity in the form of a passport, driver’s licence or identity document, and must make and retain a photocopy thereof.

In as far as possible, do not process a transaction on behalf of a guest.

Can I accept Diners Club or American Express using Booksure™?

Studio members - From within your ‘My Booksure’ area, this option can be enabled / disabled. 

My Guest says that they never received an email notification of a quote I sent
Booksure™ has a built in notification system that will notify Booksure™ support should an email be undelivered to a recipient.

Reasons for a non-delivered email could be an invalid address, a full mailbox or the recipient mail server not being available.  In these circumstances, the Booksure™ support team will contact the establishment to inform them of the non-delivered email.

Should an email not be received by a guest, and the Booksure™ support team has not notified the establishment, it would imply that the recipient mail client has rejected the Booksure™ email.  The recipient (the guest in this case), would need to contact his / her internet service provider to determine what the cause of the problem is.  The recipient should also confirm that the email has not been deleted as Spam.