Welcome to Booksure

Congratulations on creating your new account with Booksure.  Below, please find some guidelines to assist you in setting up your profile on Booksure.  Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on 0861 115 138 or send an email to support@booksure.com.

Booksure Account Settings

Go to www.booksure.com/login and login with your e-mail address and the password you created when activating your account.   Where displayed, please make use of the "help" icon  for more information to help you in your Settings.

The setup Wizard will appear every time you log into your Booksure Dashboard. Please use the wizard to assist you with the setup. The Green line will show how far this process is.
Setup Wizard


Go to Settings > Rooms

Please complete your room settings.  For more help on how to do this, please follow our rooms
Go to Pricing

Rates entered in Booksure will be displayed on your website or Facebook page if you are using Booksure widgets or buttons.  These rates will also be displayed on Booksure affiliate listing sites.  It is important that these rates are accurately displayed to your guest. 

If your establishment is enabled to accept real-time bookings, you will need to set up rate plans and rates.  Please follow these steps in the process:

    1.  Set up Rate Plans.  For more information follow the rate plan tutorial.
    2.  Set up base rates.  For more information follow the real-time base rates tutorial.
    3.  Set up restrictions should these be required.  For more information follow the restrictions tutorial.

If your establishment is not enabled to accept real-time bookings, you will need to set up 'Enquiry Rates'.  Enquiry rates give your guest an indication of the minimum starting rate for a specific date and are visible from the Booksure affiliate listing sites.   For more information, follow the enquiry rates tutorial.
Go to Settings > Services
Services are extras that your guest may book and pay for when booking a room, e.g. Airport Shuttle.  
Go to Settings > Gallery
Please load images of your establishment.  Images must landscape orientation and be a minimum of 850 px wide and 531 px high. The picture set as Default will display as the main picture on the listings page. 
Go to Settings > Establishment Details 
For your convenience, most information has been pre-populated from your online signup.  Please complete written directions and upload your Establishment logo should you have one. The logo will be included in all e-mail correspondence to your guest generated via the Booksure system.
Go to Establishment Details > SEO and Social
Please fill in your Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) page links and keywords to help search engines find your establishment.
Go to Establishment Details > Amenities

Under the amenities menu, please complete the nearby activities, facilities and services offered, the languages spoken at your establishment and the environment in which your establishment is situated.

Go to Settings > Policies

Please fill in all relevant information regarding Check in and Check out times, your child policy as well as your Cancellation Terms.
Go to Settings > Mapping
Enter your address to plot your establishment on the map.  This will enable the Google map to display on listing sites.  This will also help a guest find you when searching within a KM radius of a destination.
Go to Settings > Templates
Set up templates to personalize some of the e-mails to your guests that are generated automatically from the Booksure system. 
Go to Account > Users
Set up the users who will be using the system.  Studio members may invite a new user by clicking Invite User.  You will need to specify this person as either a general manager or a reservation manager.  The reservation manager will receive all email notification regarding new enquiries and payments.  The general manager will only receive monthly invoices and chargeback notifications. 
Go to Account
Ensure that “Receive SMS notifications” is ticked if you want to be notified via SMS of enquiries, payments, etc. through Booksure.
To change your contact details go to “Profile” and make the necessary changes

Useful tips on how to use Booksure:

Instant Quote
A guest may phone or e-mail and request a quotation for accommodation.  The Instant Quote creates an enquiry with a quote which is sent to the guest’s e-mail address.  The guest may Accept & Pay, Send a Message, Decline the Quote or Re-Enquire. 
Make a Secure Payment
This option works like a normal credit card machine and is used when the guest is standing in front of you and wants to pay with a credit card.   Where possible this option should only be used when the guest is present.  In all other instances the Instant Quote route should rather be followed.
Payments & Transactions
When in doubt whether a payment was successful, you may confirm in Payments & Transactions.  All payment attempts, made via Booksure gateway or 3rd party payment gateways are recorded there and will indicate whether the payment was successful or not.  When a payment is not reflected, it means that the payment attempt was not completed and should be retried. 
Transaction Lookup for payments made via Booksure's secure payment gateway
Payments made via Booksure's secure payment gateway are paid to establishments within 3 -4 working days after the payment has been made.  Cabin members will be on-paid 24 hours after guest arrival. The payments for a specific day will be accumulated and paid over as one amount.  The reference appearing on your bank statement will be:  “Booksure” followed by a six digit number.  This number may be entered into Transaction lookup to see the breakdown of payments.
Please make use of our online tutorials to familiarise yourself with the system.